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Pre-Transaction Planning

"You’ve dedicated your time, life and effort to maximizing your company’s outcome, but are you focusing enough on your personal outcome? At Sarian Strategic Partners, our mission is to help ensure that you obtain the maximum net value of your life’s work. We work with you to develop pre-transaction strategies to help position you for personal financial success by identifying key tax, estate and gifting issues prior to the sale of your business. Advance planning can be the difference between a successful sale and one that is less fruitful than you anticipated—let us help you start planning today.”

Prepare for a Liquidity Event

A liquidity event is very uncommon—often a once in a lifetime success achieved after years of hard work and dedication. While a liquidity event provides the shareholder with the potential to accumulate substantial wealth, it can also produce new tax and legal obstacles foreign to even seasoned business owners.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners focus solely on running their businesses and positioning their companies for a transaction, but they often find themselves under-prepared for the personal planning needs that result from a the successful sale of their business.

At Sarian Strategic Partners, our experience indicates that the time to position yourself to maximize your personal outcome is prior to a liquidity event. Investing a small amount of time in advance planning can help minimize or mitigate key challenges and give you access to a broader range of opportunities.

Our knowledgeable, experienced financial advisory team helps entrepreneurs make the right personal planning decisions before and after a liquidity event to support more successful outcomes.

Future Cash Flow Needs

Determining your future cash flow needs and creating a strategy to help fulfill them are crucial components of pre-liquidity planning.

Sarian Strategic Partners' pre-transaction planning specialists conduct a thorough, needs-based assessment of future spending goals, including current cash flow needs, inflation considerations and tax implications to help position you to achieve and maintain financial independence.

Additionally, our analysis factors in special considerations to help ensure your ability to take care of your family in the future. We work with you to define your goals early in the process, encompassing any potential increases in discretionary spending, general living expenses and retirement income needs.

Risk Management

For most entrepreneurs, the majority of their net worth is tied up in an illiquid asset: the company they are growing.

As a result, there is a greater need before a transaction for traditional life insurance and long-term disability income protection insurance as tools to provide for the executives’ family at their demise or inability to work.

Our team works with you to assess and plan for meaningful changes in your insurance planning needs as your business interest is monetized.

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